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Elite Hotel Ideon, Sweden


  • Elite Hotel Ideon, Sweden
  • Elite Hotel Ideon, Sweden
  • Elite Hotel Ideon, Sweden
  • Elite Hotel Ideon, Sweden
  • Elite Hotel Ideon, Sweden
  • Elite Hotel Ideon, Sweden
  • Elite Hotel Ideon, Sweden
  • Elite Hotel Ideon, Sweden
  • Elite Hotel Ideon, Sweden
  • Lampeneffizienz


    Efficacy is important because the amount of light emitted from a lamp (in lumens) compared to the amount of power used by the lamp to produce it (in Watts) is key for energy efficiency. Both Base LED and Cruz have a high lamp efficacy.

  • Vorschaltgeräteklassifikation


    Kontrolle der Zuführung der Elektrizität zur Lampe (Energieeffizienzindex).

  • Lichtverteilung


    Kontrolle der Lichtstrahlung mit Optiken, die das Licht in Richtung des richtigen Orts beugen und formen.

  • Systemeffizienz


    The use of a high efficacy light source combined with precision optics results in a high system efficacy, producing maximum light output for minimum energy input.

  • Bewegungs-/Abwesenheitsmelder


    Licht wird nur bei Bedarf zugeschaltet.

  • Tageslichtmelder


    Reduziert unnötige Beleuchtung während der Tageslichtstunden.

  • Dauerbeleuchtung


    Erzeugt die richtigen Beleuchtungsstärken für die Dauer des Wartungszeitraums.

  • Aufgaben-/Szenengestaltung


    The use of dimmable luminaires in conjunction with scene setting controls allows the correct lighting levels to be set for the task in hand, resulting in reduced light levels and therefore energy consumption for a significant proportion of the time.

  • Ausschaltautomatik


    Automatische Ausschaltung aller Leuchten bei leeren Räumen.

  • Aufgabenbeleuchtung


    Beleuchtung von Zielflächen mit der richtigen Lichtmenge.

  • Zonierung der Beleuchtung

    Zonierung der Beleuchtung

    Zonierung der Beleuchtung je nach Personenanwesenheit oder Fensterstandort.

  • Wartungsplan


    Anpassung der Wartungspläne an Alter, Leistung und Umgebung des Produkts.

  • Unnötige Beleuchtung

    Unnötige Beleuchtung

    Eliminierung unnötiger Beleuchtung, die außerhalb der Zielfläche liegt.

  • Reflexion


    Nutzung des Lichts, das von Oberflächen im Raum reflektiert wird.

  • Sichtbare intelligente Messung

    Sichtbare intelligente Messung

    Das Ergebnis von Maßnahmen ist schnell als steigender oder sinkender Energieverbrauch sichtbar, um einen verantwortungsvollen Energieverbrauch zu fördern.

Thorn luminaires set the scene and save energy at new Elite Hotel Ideon, Sweden

The new Elite Hotel Ideon opened in the Ideon Gateway, Lund's tallest building, in 2013. A modern full-service hotel, it offers 178 rooms, a contemporary gym with sauna and modern conference facilities furnished with the latest technology.

With Thorn Lighting already enjoying a long-standing relationship with the installer, Goodtech Projects & Services AB, Ikano Retail Centre Management approached Thorn to provide a lighting solution in areas including the nine conference suites, gym and kitchen and banking area.

Cruz provides adaptable, comfortable conference lighting

The hotel has a total of nine conference rooms ranging from 17m² to 247m² with layout possibilities including cinema, school, U, board and banquet. The various functions for which the rooms are used demand adjustable lighting.

Cruz 280H 2X42W TC-TELI HFI was chosen due to its high light output (77% LOR), rapid installation (average mounting time takes only seconds) and versatility. Optimised high grade aluminium reflectors produce controlled light for efficient glare-free illumination while radial light distribution contributes to good modelling with a 65% cut-off. Uniform cylindrical lighting is especially important for communication in large conference rooms.

LED luminaires chosen for energy efficiency

Both the hotel and the entire building take sustainability seriously and have a number of energy saving innovations to allow them to be awarded with various environmental certificates. Thorn's luminaires, including Base LED downlights and the recessed modular Omega LED, were chosen because they provide high quality light while achieving energy savings of 50-75% compared to traditional alternatives.Aside from energy efficiency, the fact that Base LED offers a warm colour temperature (2700K) similar to a traditional lamp was a major benefit.

Magnus Ekvall from Goodtech Projects & Services AB says: "We have a good working relationship with Thorn and it usually always proceeds in a smooth manner for all involved parties."

Key facts

  • Dimming controls provide maximum comfort and energy savings
  • Base LED selected for its warm 2700K colour temperature, similar to a traditional light bowl