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  • Prisma
  • Prisma

Slim LED luminaire with curved prismatic diffuser for surface mounting

  • Through wiring (TW) variants available
  • Luminaire robuste et étanche IP44 qui élargit les applications aux réfectoires, cuisines, salles de blanchisserie, garages etc
  • Curved frosted (FR) prismatic diffuser for more visual comfort (wide light distribution, reduced glare)
  • Highly efficient LED variants (up to 120 lm/W), sensor variants for even more energy saving
  • Available in two lengths (600mm / 1200mm)

Matériaux et finition

Body: Pre-painted white 0.7mm galvanised steel.
Endcaps: Shockproof ASA plastic, white.
Diffuser: Prismatic acrylic.

Installation et montage

Keyhole fixing positions Ø14mm for direct mounting to ceiling, wall or via bracket. Fixing centres: 500mm (600mm fixture). Two cable entries Ø19mm in the centre of the body and a knockout hole in the endcaps. Grommets included. Cable capacity 3 x 2 x 2.5mm².


To specify state:
Slim LED luminaire with curved frosted prismatic diffuser for surface mounting. Single and through wiring variants. Robust and IP44 sealed housing.
As Thorn Prisma.

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Prisma, câblage traversant

Prisma, gradable

Prisma, gradable, câblage traversant

Prisma, avec détecteur